Dr. Nannapaneni Manga Devi, with a strong belief that the child is the right instrument to change the face of the society, she gave up the secured government job. She found a fitting companion in Ms.Prabhavathi, who extended her whole hearted support in all the ventures taken up by Dr. Devi. Both of them, Dr.Devi and Ms.Prabha, took training in the Association Montessari International, to equip themselves as full fledged Montessari Teachers. They started a "House of Children" in Guntur in 1965 - when school for threes was unheard of just with one child on rolls. Financial Stringencies and inhibition towards a new system all these hurdles have been transformed into stepping stones to reach the goal.
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Dr. Devi authored 25 books for children in all forms, motivating the child towards love and for the country and for the fellow being and respect for the human values. Her effort in this field has been recognized by the state and at the national level as well. After the successful venture in academics, the providential meet with Mother Teresa, continous financial support of her beloved students and the pressure of inner urge all this resulted in the emergence of Chetana, a multipurpose rural project offering: - Security to child - Guidance to the young - Solace to the old Dr. Devi, 70 years old mother for many motheless children and a relentless crusader for the cause of child says: "People may come and go. But the institutions are eternal."
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